Planning to Get a Payday Loan? Know the Basic Requirements

In these trying times, sometimes, relying on your monthly paycheck alone is not enough. Sometimes, you would run out of cash. Sometimes, you worry about where to get the funds to pay for emergency expenses such as unforeseen bills, medical expenses, and home improvement necessities.

When this is the case, you check all your available options. You can avail of a cash advance from your company - provided that your company currently extends this kind of benefit to its employees. You can even turn to your magnificent pieces of jewelry and pawn them. Still, there are a lot of credit unions who would be more than willing to lend you the amount of money that you need. Most important of all, you can always avail of a payday loan - a Canadian payday loan for instance.

But before you immerse yourself into this kind of financial adventure, of course you need to assess your eligibility. What do these payday loan providers need from you before they can forward to you your requested amount of money? What would make you qualified in availing this?

Unlike other lenders, payday loan providers don't need a lot from you. More often than not, they don't impose very strict requirements. Here are the basic requisites:

A current job

As the name suggests, a payday loan needs you to be "looking forward to a payday," so to speak. In simplest terms, you need to have a job so you will be part of a payroll roster. Without a job, you would have no regular income. And when such is the case, no loan provider would approve any payday loan request.

A checking or savings account

The proceeds of payday loans are transferred electronically. This means that no face-to-face interaction is needed just so you can get the money. Your payday loan lender would simply need to have your bank account details so they can immediately wire the money to you once it's ready.

Being of legal age

To qualify for it, you need to be at least 18 years old. Minors are never allowed to take part in legal transactions without the supervision of an adult. Of course, what would minors need money for? They don't have to look for the money - they can easily ask their parents for it, right?

Proof of citizenship

Payday loan borrowers should be citizens of the country that they are in. For instance, only Canadians can avail of a Canadian payday loan.

See, the requirements of payday loans are only very simple. You will not be subjected to extensive credit checks and credit investigations. You don't even have to mortgage your house or any of your properties.
As if this is not enough, payday loans are also quick - processing takes only hours to at most a day. So what more can you ask for?

Indeed, the simplicity of requirements and the ease of the processing make payday loans a very popular financial solution. Many people resort to payday loans despite the many negative things that surround this kind of option.

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