Bright and Shadow Faces of Payday Loans

Payday loans are simply loans that people take in advance from personal lenders or banks in the form of post dated checks or check advances or just advance cash. For selected these loans may be useful but to others it could prove to be vicious and totally damaging that one would not be able to get rid of.

The interest rate of payday loans is steep, to the tune of 300% to over 1000%. When compared to a personal loan from a bank, these rates are too high and unaffordable for a salaried person to attempt going in for. People with many difficulties and unable to meet the living standards go in for payday loans as they seem much easier to acquire but extremely hard to get rid of. Instead of the payday loan even the highest interest rated credit card could be an option to this.

People who use payday loans are those who have no idea of the interest charged on these loans, people trying hard to make two ends meet with their common financial problems, those deeply in debt and making a great effort to come out of it and most of all young people who are on a fixed low budget.

This is how the basic payday loan functions. For illustration a person borrows a sum of $200 from a bank agreeing to pay a fee of $60 as interest for the first fourteen days. If the fee is not paid within the agreed 15 days and if the check issued by the borrower bounces an extra fee of $25 is added to the principal amount along with the $60 fee that was not paid. In this way the amount keeps getting higher and the defaulter is unable to pay the huge amount and finds that their financial suffering has escalated three times more than it was before choosing for a payday loan.

The gloom side of taking a payday loan is that one is enforced to produce post dated checks that as expected bounce if the said amount is not deposited into the account on time. For each check that bounces thus, a charge is imposed on the borrower which escalates the amount to be paid to the lender and at the end of the day the amount borrowed would be a insignificant sum when compared to the amount returnable.

The best way to escape payday loans is to live a life of contentment spending within the budgeted amount. Try to save a bit of the money earned no matter how small the amount may be. Trail all expenditures and analyze which can be averted and which can be set more priority. Make plans after receiving the cash in hand instead of counting the chicks before they are hatched.

If it is however not simple to find the acceptable answer to payday drawbacks, the internet has a lot of answers that can be glanced at and followed. There are financial advisers specialized in producing excellent and cost-effective budgets for those in need of it. Hard work and contentment are the main ways to follow to avoid entering into the debt trap.

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